The winter 2023 collection for professionals available!

Posted on: 26 January 2023

The Winter 2023 collection catalogue is now online in the collection section.

Our suppliers are still planning this year sometimes long delays for the supply of some fabrics. Please place your orders without delay, so that we can anticipate production and deliver on time!

After the success of last winter’s indoor booties, we present 2 new models, just as cosy and cocooning.

sodopac-airplum-chaussons-roly-beige sodopac-airplum-chaussons-renne-gris


Always in the spotlight: models made from natural or recycled materials, women and men.


sodopac-airplum-chaussons-zilou-pistache sodopac-airplum-chaussons-tirefess-gris sodopac-airplum-chaussons-wool-rouge sodopac-airplum-chaussons-decycle-bleu

Add a little fantasy to your windows with our patterned models, especially by finding our animal friends.


sodopac-airplum-chaussons-babula-marine sodopac-airplum-chaussons-timinet-gris sodopac-airplum-chaussons-bill-bleu

Illuminate your shop windows with our bright plain models, by finding the mixed charentaises (35 to 46) with a wool interior and recycled polyester top, on a PVC sole.


sodopac-airplum-chaussons-petard-jaune sodopac-airplum-chaussons-petard-bleu sodopac-airplum-chaussons-petard-rouge

Put sport in the spotlight with these themed men’s mules for the resting place of the great sportsmen!

sodopac-airplum-chaussons-despoir-marine sodopac-airplum-chaussons-drift-noir sodopac-airplum-chaussons-destreme-bleu

Our regional representatives are available to present the models of this new collection at regional trade fairs or in individual meetings.

You can find their contact details her

We look forward to receiving your orders!