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The Sodopac online store:

In the AIRPLUM.FR shop, numerous models of slippers are offered. Details of the materials and advice are given in the details of each product, in particular on the size to be chosen and the nature of the sole (foam, semi-hard or PVC) and therefore the indoor or outdoor use recommended for each model.
This shop is primarily intended for private individuals. Professional customers can also use it for repairs of less than 12 pairs. You must first contact our customer service to identify yourself.

airplum-sodopac-fabricant-francais-chausson-homme-femme is also a host of great deals with regular clearance sales of our earlier collections. If you`d like to keep up-to-date with our special offers and other good deals, we recommend that you subscribe to our Airplum Facebook page @Airplumshop and Instagram @airplum.officiel

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