The Patent

An innovative sole concept


SODOPAC is very much aware that technological innovation is the key to longevity, and has developed a unique process for the manufacture of new expanded polyurethane soles, for which they have obtained an exclusive patent.

Thanks to this material, the company can now offer an ultra-light sole with truly exceptional comfort, boasting a memory foam sole combining elegance with hygiene, since they can be machine-washed at 30°.


Its shock-absorbing characteristics make it extremely effective in relaxing the arch of the foot after practicing a sport, standing for a long time or just having a busy day!


These slippers have such incredibly light and comfortable foam soles that you`ll want to take them everywhere with you, on long flights, business or pleasure trips, to hotels, or simply for stays with friends and family. It should be noted that this sole is only for indoor use.
This technique is also used for the manufacture of footwear with a heel, a wedge sole or a sole that can be worn outdoors. The semi-hard polyurethane sole will still be as light but stiffer and above all waterproof.